Title Of The Case Study
Write an overview of what you did here...
The Problem
Describe the pains and problems your client was having before he started working with you.

Be specific and try to talk in terms of how much money he was leaving on the table.
The Solution
Describe the things you did for your client in order to solve those problems and why did you do that specifically.

Try to tell a story here such as "we just wanted to let my client enjoy more his weekends with his family by helping him generate more clients on autopilot" or something like that.

Think about it you lazy lol
You know what to do here... JUST BRAG! haha

Talk about the results you helped your client accomplish and how that's helped his business.

Always talk in terms of ROI, how much money you made him/her, how many leads, how many sales, etc.

You're a marketer, you know this haha.
What Our Client Thinks
I'm beyond amazed with everything you're doing with my business guys.

I never imagined I could get such an unbelievable amounts of clients without spending hours and hours every day trying to get the word of my business out there.

You guys rock and I'm very blessed to have meet you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mark Woods
Lolipops Inc, Owner
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